Opinion about nuclear energy

It never goes away Writers that know about as much about nuclear as most do about the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean, not much! The reality is nuclear power can and should be used safely, but it has a bad image because of past problems that have been solved.

The tailings leeching into the groundwater and runoff. Remember Valdez, remember 3 Mile Island, remember Chernoble sp? The nuclear industry has tried a variety of strategies to break down public resistance to nuclear power — including information campaigns, risk comparisons, and efforts to promote nuclear power as a solution to climate change.

Nuclear energy is a complete NO! This poll showed that the approval of nuclear power rose with the education level of respondents and was lower for women. But everytime they come forward they are stopped.

As unforseen as events can be with Earth quakes, terrorist attacks or other disasters nuclear and it's waste is simply too dangerous to mess with. Three mile Opinion about nuclear energy caused a lot of grief and stress even where I live 30 miles away.

Another poll, conducted by CBS News in Marchsoon after the Fukushima crisis began, found that only 43 percent of those polled would approve of building new reactors, down from a 57 percent approval rating in It is the one closed prematurely.

I own a factory. This was the first time that public opposition to nuclear power in the United States had achieved a majority in the 23 years of Gallup polling on the subject. Its that like renewables they are expensive to build. If nukes were as un-safe as the anti-nuke people say they are, everyone in France would be dead or glowing!!

Thorium has been known since the 's but there is so much money invested in uranium technology that Thorium was never developed. It has bankrupted a generation of utilities and investors and it will do so again.

Problems abound with this plant of late.

Public opinion on nuclear issues

Mines have been left abandoned and uncapped. Mines have been left abandoned and uncapped. I aspiration my website full positive as brief as yours lol http: So many people got cancer that worked there.

A total of 1, plant neighbors at 60 sites were surveyed in Nuclear power is our best option for reliable, environmentally friendly base-load electric generation. Identified as most needed measures toward nuclear abolition were political and diplomatic negotiations People were getting sick.

Public opinion on nuclear energy in the United Kingdom (UK) 2018

Because of the cold war, we used uranium to create nuclear power and weapons. To me, nuclear energy is the "dirtiest" of all energies. Most believe that boosting energy efficiency and renewable energy can meet their needs.

Check out this link: The poll, conducted by ORC International on behalf of the Civil Society Institute CSIfound that two-thirds of respondents said they would protest the construction of a new nuclear reactor within 50 miles of their homes. I live in Arizona with the largest nuclear power plant - I worked at one time with psychologists hired to interview potential employees for the power plant.

We were also put on alert "just in case". We need to speak up for ourselves. The worries behind it are are unfounded or grossly exaggerated. This is not even to mention the danger of transporting it. Other than a small amount of radioactive steam, no radioactive material got past the containment.

An international sample of 18, adults aged were interviewed between May 6 and May 21, via the Ipsos Online Panel system.

NEI surveys show a direct correlation between feeling informed about nuclear energy and favorable attitudes.Oct 24,  · Best Answer: Nuclear power, I believe is the best, safest, most reliable, current technology to provide energy.

The plants operating now are safe and the new designs are even safer. The plants operating now Status: Resolved. Judging by the results of our recent nuclear power poll, many of you have strong feelings about nuclear energy and its potential role in the United States’ future.

The pros and cons of nuclear. The Latest Resources. blog Nov. 15, NuScale Showcases Small Nuclear Reactor for the 21st Century.

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Attitude to the use of nuclear energy in the United Kingdom (UK) 2018

Linkedin. Top Story Nov. 10, To Fight Climate Change, Environmentalists Say Yes to Nuclear Power. Climate Advocates Support Nuclear Energy. Nov. 8, Nuclear Costs in Context. Pa. lawmakers need to recognize - and codify - the economic and environmental benefits of nuclear energy.

Here's why nuclear energy is a cleaner source of energy than natural gas | Opinion. New nuclear is being designed to be affordable, and to fit better with the other clean energy technologies on the grid. That wasn’t always the case.

Back in the s and into the s, nuclear energy was less expensive than coal or natural gas, and renewables were a niche technology even with generous federal tax incentives, so reducing cost. In fall64 percent were in favor of nuclear energy, with 33 percent opposed.

Context matters. Public opinion on nuclear energy is highly changeable and easily influenced, because most Americans do not feel well informed about the subject. The UT poll shows many people in the middle.

Opinion about nuclear energy
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