Of mice and men random discussion

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I'm here to figure out who the bad guys are, that's it. Do the events of the story only apply to this particular place and time, or can the novel be thought of as universally applying to humans everywhere? All students should be taking notes during class discussions in their notebooks.

That's why we need to act quickly. Why was George still confident? Does George have the right to kill Lennie? Teachers can also provide advance organizers or conversation maps to help students to prepare for discussions.

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Have students identify why Crooks is initially so mean to Lennie, telling him that George may leave him. But other researchers see evidence for prokaryotic cells in the first million years, maybe even immediately. Of course, I may have got that wrong."Lucid in argument and presentation, beautifully organized, highly readable, very engaging, and well-documented.

Both contributions to the volume are rich with examples, which are bound to speak to a very large spectrum of readers. The House on Mango Street is a deceptive work. It is a book of short stories—and sometimes not even full stories, but character sketches and vignettes—that add up, as Sandra Cisneros has written, "to tell one big story, each story contributing to the whole—like beads in a necklace." That story.

Of Mice and Men - Study and Discussion Questions CHAPTER 1 Comprehension 1. In what part of the country does the novel take place?

Time period? Of Mice and Men captures the feelings of an entire nation in six brief chapters that take place over four days on a ranch in California. The trials of George and Lennie, and those of their fellow ranch hands, represent the difficulties many American farmers faced after losing their land and livelihoods to the economic downturn of the Great.

Question: What are some quotes about loneliness in of Mice and Men? Literary Devices. Theme is an important literary device that serves as a guiding thread that keeps a story on track.

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Of mice and men random discussion
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